Councilor denies banning purchase of 4×4 vehicles

Nov. 17, 2014

DAVAO CITY – City Council Finance Committee Chairperson Danny Dayanghirang clarified that he did not criticize the planned purchase of 4×4 trucks, saying, “If there is a misinterpretation, I am officially asking for an apology.”

In Monday’s press conference, Dayanghirang took pains to explain that he was not entirely opposed to buying new, more costly vehicles for the councilors.

“As far as I am concerned, it is a matter of need. What is the use of having the guidelines if you could not serve the public? The general rule is that general welfare, at all times, is very important,” Dayanghirang said.

Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte reportedly wanted to challenge an earlier position taken by Dayanghirang last week when the latter said the acquisition of four-wheel drive cars contradicts the city’s austerity measures. Duterte also was quoted in a facebook post as saying that it’s about time the city buys that kind of vehicles as the last purchase was more than a decade ago.

Dayanghirang said the 4×4 trucks are “not yet luxurious.”

He also clarified that he did not want to contradict the vice mayor, saying that  “I expect to meet the vice mayor and clarify things. I just want to help put things in the proper perspective.”

Besides, he said, “It is really up to the city mayor to finalize the list of budget allocation.”

“The only right of the council is to reduce the budget, if necessary,” he added. (

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