In Comval’s 46th CPP celeb, resumption of peace talks gain support from local government

Dec. 28, 2014

SOMEWHERE IN COMPOSTELA VALLEY – Calls for the resumption of the stalled peace talks between the Communist Party of the Philippines and the Aquino government have gained support from the local government as the former marked its 46th year founding anniversary.

In an interview with DavaoToday, Reynaldo Castillo, vice-mayor of Compostela, said that the Aquino government should open the table for peace negotiations with the CPP “to have a lasting peace.”

“What we aspire for is to have peace, a lasting peace and so I support and urge the national government to resume the peace talks with the communists,” said Castillo.

Castillo said that “war could only be ended if all political and economical issues have been addressed.”

“The resumption of peace talks is essential because as far as I am concerned I want all parties to be at peace with each other under a regime of fairness and justice,” Castillo explained.

Alejo Lozano, village chief of Barangay Maparat, has also expressed his support for the resumption of peace talks, saying “it is high time that both parties will resolve all the issues and put in on the table. I hope this will put an end to the war that has been going on for decades.”

“I also urge the government to address the root issue of conflict which is poverty that is prevalent in depressed communities in Compostela Valley,” stressed Lozano.

Castilo and Lozano were the two representatives from the local government who were invited to the celebration of the 46th founding anniversary of the CPP last December 26.

“I congratulate them [the New People’s Army] for celebrating their 46th founding anniversary. I am happy that I am able to attend their celebration because they too are my constituents,” said Castillo.

Ka Simon Santiago of New People’s Army Southern Mindanao Regional Operations Command, said that “with or without peace talks, the New People’s Army will continue to advance the cause of the oppressed Filipino masses specifically in Davao region.”

Friday’s celebration was led by the New People’s Army Comval-Davao East Coast Sub Regional Command.

A whole day program was conducted which highlighted the struggles and victories of the NPA  while revolutionary songs and drama were also rendered.

More than a thousand visitors came to attend the activity and bravely navigated the muddy roads and thick forest foliage amid heavy rains.

For NPA’s Santiago, “the armed struggle will continue as long the poverty exists and people are oppressed by the government, particularly here in these Typhoon Pablo-stricken areas.” (

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