DAVAO CITY, Philippines — The City Veterinary Office (CVO) in this city has urged everyone to become responsible owners of pets as the office have been impounding scores of dogs due to reckless ownership.

Dr. Cerelyn Capili told reporters in an interview that more or less three thousand dogs were impounded by their office in 2018, an indication that there are still pet owners in the city that can be considered irresponsible as they allow dogs and cats to roam around the streets.

These dogs she said were captured mostly in subdivisions in the areas of Talomo, Tugbok and Buhangin districts.

Capili pointed out that owners of dogs they impounded since last year do not care for their pets.

Data from CVO also revealed that around 15 to 20 dogs are impounded every day and that only 10 percent from the total monthly population of impounded dogs are claimed by their owners.

Capili said unclaimed dogs are subjected to euthanasia or painless killing though injections.

Painless killing of unclaimed dogs and stray animals is provided under the City Ordinance No. 1457.

The ordinance also requires owners to pay P500 pesos per day as impounding fee of each dog.

“Claimed dogs are injected with the anti-rabies vaccine to see to it that they are safe before it will be turned over to their owners,” Capili added.

She also clarified that that mercy killing among dogs is being performed as the impounding facility in Ma-a can only accommodate around 100 dogs.

The other PHP5-million impounding facility that is being constructed in Malagos area can only accommodate around 150 dogs, Capili added.

The veterinary office is also asking for an additional budget for the establishment of a rehabilitation facility for dogs.

Capili expressed optimism the request for the said facility will be approved this year or by the year 2020.

The rehabilitation center, she said, will serve as a place where dogs will be processed for adoption and upon examination that they are rabies-free.

“We cannot just give a dog for adoption without undergoing a rehab process because Davao City has cases of rabies,” she emphasized, adding that impounded dogs are usually kept in cages with other dogs that might be infected with the virus.

Capili also urged dog and cat owners to bring their pets to the veterinary office for registration and immunization.

Rabies vaccine is free of charge at the CVO, she said. (davaotoday.com)

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