As Killings Continue, Arroyo Is Blamed for Policy of Terror Vs Left

Apr. 29, 2006

DAVAO CITY ( — This is Glorias heartless, brazen and state-sponsored terror.

Thus said Bayan Muna congressman Joel Virador in reaction to the continued killings of activists, particularly members and leaders of his own party.

The killings, Virador said, indicates the governments culture of intolerance to progressive parties and organizations.

The latest victims were Bayan Muna member Jimmy Mirafuente, who was gunned down in Daraga, Albay, on April 27. Forty-five minutes later, Jason Delen, Bayan Munas secretary general in Camarines Norte was killed in Daet town.

Since Mrs. Arroyo got into Malacaang, eight Bayan Muna members have been killed while two are missing, Virador said. He said the nationwide toll on Bayan Muna now stands at 87 members killed, with nine members murdered this year alone.

Her continued silence on these political killings show that this government is pursuing a policy to annihilate the Left. We call on the public to look into this larger picture of persecution on the people, outside of the Batasan 6 and the halls of Congress, Virador said.

These killings must stop. Malacaang must order its fascist troops and police to stop murdering our members and leaders, he added.

Yesterday, April 28, labor leader Gerardo Cristobal was seriously wounded when he was ambushed by armed men who were later identified as operatives of police intelligence in Imus, Cavite.

Cristobal and his companion Juliet Tayoto were in a car passing a crowded street in Barangay Anabu, Coastal in Imus when another car with three armed men wearing bonnets blocked their way. One, who was later identified as Senior Police Officer 1 (SPO1) Romeo Lara, immediately got out, aproahed Cristobal and his companion and started shooting him at close range.

Cristobal managed to exchange fire with Lara and his companion, Larry Reyes, a member of the Civilian Security Unit (CSU) in Imus, Cavite. Lara was also wounded during the incident; he was hit in the head and shoulder while Cristobal was wounded in his stomach, hip and hand. Both were brought to the same hospital.

Cristobal began carrying his licensed firearm due to persistent threats to his life. (

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