Anti-smoking task force limited in number, says councilor

Jul. 08, 2015

DAVAO CITY – Chairperson of the Committee on Appointments and Government Reorganization Councilor Rachel Zozobrado-Nagayo on Tuesday called out the public to help and participate on the city’s campaign against smoking.

Zozobrado said that because of the vastness of the city, members of the Anti-Smoking Task Force (ASTF) could not be present in all areas to apprehend smokers.

“As a result, there are still a number of people who violate the no smoking ordinance. Unfortunately, the violators are usually those who are exposed to a number of people,” she said.

“For example, let us take a visit to public utility vehicles (PUVs) and you will see some PUV barkers who are smoking, exposing the riding public to ill effects of secondhand smoking,” she added.

Zozobrado said that since the ASTF members are limited in number, “why not call on the help of those within the areas frequented with these violators?”

“How about deputizing people in these areas to help the task force apprehend or even just report smokers?” she added.

She said that setting up visible hotlines like the DCPO’s Isumbong kay CD will be a good idea.

“The campaign against smoking is not just the responsibility of the task force or the policemen, it is also the responsibility of the residents of this city, who have decided to be more vigilant and to be proactive in taking care not only of their health, but of the environment as well,” she added.

The ASTF has apprehended a total of 4,613 violators from January to June last year, while the number of apprehensions from January to April this year has reached 2,168 already.

According to the New Comprehensive Anti-Smoking Ordinance of Davao City, the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) shall apply to “all drivers, conductors, inspectors and passengers, of all public conveyances, government-owned vehicles, and other means of public transport within the territorial jurisdiction of Davao City.”

Violators of the ordinance on first offense will have to pay 1,000 pesos or one month imprisonment or both at the discretion of the court. (

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