Angging Takes a Swing at GMA

Apr. 05, 2006

Davao City councilor Angela Librado, in a privilege speech on Tuesday, took a swing at President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo for the so-called “people’s initiative” now being railroaded by the administration. “Charter Change, under its current form and direction, will make the constitution even worse as it is a maneuver to keep GMA in power despite widespread calls for her immediate ouster/resignation,” Librado said. “Further, it will open the economy and national patrimony to unrestrained foreign exploitation and plunder.”

Thus, she added, “the bigger problem is not the form of government but the existing class composition of government and this is where we reiterate that cha-cha can never be the solution to the countrys economic and political crisis.”

Read the privilege speech in full.

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