Analysis: Arroyos Silent War Vs the Left

Aug. 14, 2006

Merging Executive Policy and Military Strategy
First of three parts

In the long-drawn war against the Marxist guerrillas where force takes the lead, the countrys security forces have had a reproachable record in human rights threatening even legitimate political dissent, the peaceful advocacy of radical reform and, now, the use of the legislature to push for patriotic and progressive legislation. (By Bobby Tuazon/Bulatlat)

The U.S. Doctrine of Counter-Insurgency in the Silent War

Second of three parts

The deliberate use of terror is a legitimate and highly effective tactical tool of unconventional warfare. This unconventional warfare is designated as a national policy with the military assigned the primary responsibility in the conduct of punitive operations backed by police, paramilitary and civilian agencies. (By Bobby Tuazon/Bulatlat)

What Drives Arroyos Silent War?
Last of three parts

The issue of political murders is tied to the issue of regime survival. (By Bobby Tuazon/Bulatlat)

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