For decades, the Tausug fisherfolks here in Barangay Inawayan, Toril spread their nets on the Quinocol river, always expecting the river to yield food for their families.

But things are not quite settling now, as the Aboitiz’ coal fired-power plant is now near completion, and the city government has assessed the fishing village is in a danger zone.

“Since we were here, we did not experience calamity like  flooding, big  waves. How  come this area  is now classified by the local government as  a danger  zone?” asked 74-year old Sobrecary Jazan, who claims the four-hectare community was owned by his grandfather who hailed from Jolo, Sulu.

With the coal plant, there are fears that the wastes from this plant may wash out to the Quinocol and nearby Inawayan rivers. (

text by Tyrone A. Velez

photo by Medel V. Hernani

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