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Contrapuntal Dissonance to Kadayawan Air

There is ample reason to conclude that President Noynoy is in his real nature suffering from a Hitlerian syndrome.


Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan is one of the highlights of the annual Kadayawan Festival where the crowd enjoys the vibrant colors of the costumes and the festive tunes of the performances in the streets of Davao. (Ace R. Morandante/


Jason Paulo, props man of Tribong Grandehanon from Catalunan Grande, Davao City, one of the entries during the Indak- Indak sa Kadalanan, is assisted by the personnel of th 911 after he collapsed while they were dancing in the streets around 10 am Saturday. (Ace R. Morandante/


Photographers from different organizations in and outside Davao City try to capture the best shots during the Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan (street dancing) showdown in San Pedro square on Saturday morning. (Ace R. Morandante/


Two young boys harmoniously play the gong and kulintang musical instruments during the Lumadnong Bantawan (tribal performances) held at the Rizal Park in Davao City Friday afternoon as part of the 30th Kadayawan Festival celebration. (Medel V. Hernani/


Young Maranao ladies gracefully dance to the tune of Mindanaoan musical instruments during the Lumadnong Bantawan showcasing cultural performances from different tribes in Rizal Park, Davao City Friday afternoon. (Medel V. Hernani/

Kadayawan’s ‘Lumadnong Dula’ showcases Davao tribes cultures

The 30th Kadayawan Festival highlights the "Lumadnong Dula" that was participated in by five tribes in Davao City.


At 75 years old, Obu Manobo Jaime Epi still plays the gong very well. (Medel V. Hernani/


33-year-old Jerell Salandao, a tribal Klata Manobo from Barangay Tambobong, Baguio District Davao City shows his prowess in a Karang game competition. After the game end, Jerell shows off his skill in an exhibition, Thursday afternoon at Peoples Park. (Medel Hernani/


Some of the Karang competitors during the Lumadnong Dula are too fast they failed to reach the finish line.(Medel Hernani/