Youth group nixes Aquino’s plan in seeking US support

Feb. 01, 2012

Youth group nixes Aquino’s plan in seeking US support

DAVAO CITY – Militant youth organization, League of Filipino Students lambasts the government’s plan in seeking more US support, in the guise of “joint military exercises”, saying that this will legitimize US intervention in the country.

“PNoy has consistently heed the dictates of his US masters. He has not only allowed more and more American troops to permanently stay in our lands through continuing the Balikatan exercises on March, but he would also assist in expanding US military presence in the Asia-Pacific to bully China,” said Joselito Lagon Jr., League of Filipino Students, Davao City Chairperson.

According to news, last Thursday and Friday, senior officials from Philippines and United States had talks in Washington saying that the two countries would have better security cooperation in the disputed islands of Spratly.

Lagon pointed-out that in recent years, US government is eyeing Spratlys for its rich oil and natural gas deposits and strategic position for their political, economic and military dominion over Southeast Asia.

“PNoy’s failure to abrogate Visiting Forces Agreement and Mutual Defense treaty is  a slap on the face of national patrimony and integrity,” added Lagon.

During a historic feat in 1992, LFS, alongside other progressive organizations, ousted military presence and bases in the country.

“The youth and people will not waiver fighting back and will stage massive protests against the treacherous US-Aquino regime. The presence of US Troops is a threat to our sovereignty, and we must unite in intensifying national democratic struggle to forward our national interests,” said Lagon.


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Joselito A. Lagon Jr.
Chairperson, League of Filipino Students – Davao City
0908 286 8479 / 0923 369 8490

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