USS North Carolina in collision with the Philippine Constitution — GWP

May. 21, 2012


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17 May 2012

USS North Carolina in collision with the Philippine Constitution — GWP

“Nakakabahala na nga ang pagdami ng mga tropang Amerikano sa bansa dahil sa VFA, dinagdagan pa ito ng pagdating ng nukleyar na submarine USS North Carolina sa ating bansa. It is a direct assault against the Philippine Constitution that bans entry of any nuclear weapon.  Hindi ito simpleng usapan lamang ng routine ship replenishment para sa pagkain at tubig kundi ang kawalan ng respeto sa ating  Konstitusyon at soberanya,” Gabriel Women’s Party Representative Emmi De Jesus said on the entry of USS North Carolina into the former Subic Naval Base.

De Jesus stressed that the entry of the submarine may escalate the Philippine’s dispute with China over the Scarborough Shoal, saying,  “What we have ahead of us is the imminent danger of a proxy war that is all about the US versus Chinese economic interests in the Philippines and in the region.  Instead of resolving issues in the diplomatic table, President Aquino has allowed the intrusion of US war mongering in the guise of protecting Philippine interest.  When has the US acted politically and economically on behalf of any other interest other than its own?  Is President Aquino blind to this reality or is he only admitting to his administration’s full puppetry to US economic and political interests?”

“GWP calls on all Filipino patriots — women, men and children — to stand up against US intrusion into our soil, against this affront on our sovereignty, aided and abetted by the Aquino administration,” De Jesus ended.

De Jesus issued this statement as she joined Gabriela-USA’s 2nd National Congress in Chicago, USA along with thousands who are preparing to protest the upcoming North Atlantic Treaty Organization Summit this weekend in Chicago, Illinois.


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