July 26, 2014

“We are hanging red, blue and white ribbons, colors of the Philippine flag, to remind   the Filipino people that, foremost, our loyalty   is to ensure the welfare of the Filipino people. This is to defy the call of Malacanang to wear yellow ribbon,” says Rev. Sol Villalon, convenor of Church People’s Alliance Against Pork Barrel (CPAPB).

Villalon  further said, “corruption, (and) violation of  the Constitution, and blatantly  disregarding the  role of Congress with respect to the national budget are gross  offences specially when the  intent  is to  control the funds and budget appropriations according to the  dictate of  President  Benigno Aquino  III.  The Supreme Court    ruled that the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) is unconstitutional. DAP is considered as the fattest Pork Barrel going by the definition as lump-sum discretionary funds.

Mr. Nardy Sabino, another convenor of the alliance also criticizes Aquino for calling on the people to wear yellow ribbon as an expression of support, “This is farcical if not absurd. First, the President defended the DAP and remains unrepentant about its violation. Second, he challenged the Supreme Court decision, because it   did not favour him. Third, he called on people to war with his campaign for yellow ribbon.   Today, the yellow ribbon symbolizes Aquino’s   Pork Barrel that should be abolished. The yellow ribbon speaks about condoning corruption, lies and plunder. Today, yellow ribbon represents the continued denial of the poor’s rights for basic and social services.”

”The myth of the “yellow power” is no more effected by the President who betrays the people. He, the President, allowed the public coffers to be used according to his dictates.  We call on the faithful not to be deceived by another scheme that allures us to pledge loyalty to thisPresident    lest we ourselves would be betraying   our own mission to take the side of the Poor, the Truth and Justice.

Let all those whose hands are tainted with the grease of the pork barrel face the consequences and be brought to the bar of justice.  We demand Pres. Aquino’s accountability! End to corruption, now!

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Yaying Quizon

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