As National Heroes Day approaches, Health Groups call for participation in the People’s Initiative Against All Pork Barrel

Aug. 15, 2014

Press Release

August 14, 2014

Reference:            Dr. Eleanor Jara, Co-Convener, 09178086243

Members of the Rx Abolish Pork Movement will conduct a protest action and noise barrage on August 15, 2014, 4:00-6:00pm, at UP-PGH, Taft Avenue, Manila. This is in line with the planned activities to invite more people to join the August 25, 2014 People’s Initiative Against All Pork Barrel in Luneta Park.

According to Dr. Eleanor Jara, co-convenor of the movement, “The struggle to end systemic corruption in the country has only begun. The people’s initiative is a parliamentary means of show of force to end ALL FORMS of pork barrel being implemented. The several numbers of names and forms that legislators use to twist the system is meant to confuse and exhaust the public”. She cited the recent news that CHED and the DOH officials have admitted that PDAF is still in play, but with a new form, and with the blessing of the executive branch. “It bothers us that the CHED and DOH officials seem to be apologetic for not meeting the demands of the congressmen. They also admitted that the congressmen are still able to dictate where the funds go. This means another pork barrel system is going-on behind the curtains and it must be ended. The people must not beg from politicians for their right to access proper healthcare. This is a step in abolishing old and corrupt politics. Millions are suffering due to financial capacity, yet the government refuses to allocate funds for free medicines, better equipment for public hospitals, and increase health worker salaries.”

Aside from the mentioned update, it is also news that the Supreme Court is already being attacked by pro-administration congressmen. Chief Justice Sereno is threatened to be impeached, and the funds for court employees is being accused as pork barrel.

It is in recent developments that Pres. Aquino is also considering Charter Change, to limit the Supreme Court’s powers, and put into possibility a term extension for himself.  This would entail more powers for the executive branch, as his party is already dominant in congress and the senate.

“It is now more than ever that we have to be vigilant. The recent developments that were noted make us realize that the administration is diverting from the tuwid na daan that was promised. His actions are very familiar. The events are similar to the steps taken until the declaration of Martial Law during the Marcos Era where the President controlled all branches, and there was no check-and-balance. The people must make a stand, and the signature campaign on the People’s Initiative Against All forms of Pork is a first step towards justice and accountability”.

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