Gabriela #1 Party List in Hong Kong, Warns Against AFP-instigated trending in Overseas voting

May. 16, 2007

MANILA — Official canvassing results placed Gabriela in the number one position among the party lists in the Hong Kong overseas absentee voting, getting 7,557 votes or 52.9% of the total party list votes. Hong Kong has the largest number of overseas absentee voters.

This prodded Gabriela Womens Party to issue a warning against forces which feeds unconfirmed reports to the media heralding pro-military groups as leading in the Partylist elections among Overseas Absentee Voters or OAV.

This practice is highly irregular. Without any basis at all, these military stooges are spreading lies to condition the minds of the people that certain pro-military partylists like ANAD and BANTAY are indeed winning in the Partylist elections, Gabriela Womens Partylist Representative Liza Largoza Maza said.

Bantay, the party list of Gen. Jovito Palparan, ranked number five while ANAD, the party list associated with Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales, ranked number 21 in the Hong Kong OAV. According to Maza, neither to these two party lists figure heavily in reports of OAV quick counts in other countries.

The Gabriela solon said that the practice of trending by these AFP-backed partylists is consistent with Malacanangs ploy to displace progressive party lists in the face of their good standing in the pre-election surveys and in the initial results of the election.

In its desperation, the Arroyo government will ensure that all grounds are covered in its grand scheme to deprive the people of their voice in Congress. Needless to say, such scheme will be thwarted by the peoples vigilance, Maza concluded. ###

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