Davao City as fruit wine capital of the Philippines

Nov. 16, 2009

DAVAO CITY A group of healthy and sustainable lifestyle advocates in Davao City is now very active in its promotion towards making the city the fruit wine capital of the country.

The group called the Consumer Action for Sustainable and Healthy Lifestyle (Cash-L) Network Incorporated has been actively involved in the campaign for healthy living.

The Cash-L was conceptualized by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) 11 and was launched last year. It is a conglomeration of organizations and individuals who support sustainable consumption of safe and healthy products.

Cash-L chairperson Cesar R. Ledesma said that as consumer advocates, it is their duty as well to offer better product options to consumers. He added that while commercial wine is often regarded as something which can give ill effects to health, the fruit wine is healthy since it is organic. Thus, only natural ingredients are used.

Compared with commercial wine which may contain synthetic alcohol, organic fruit wine is good alcohol. Organic fruit wine also carries the medicinal properties and nutrients of fruits because it only undergoes natural fermentation process and all ingredients are natural as well, he said.

Ledesma said that Davao City can be the Fruit Wine Capital of the Philippines due to two major factors the city has one of the best-tasting potable water and has various fruits (mango, guyabano, among others) growing abundantly.

Relative to the fermentation process that will be used in producing organic fruit wine, Ledesma said that he is willing to share his knowledge.

Im already producing myself. I can actually help everyone who is interested to go into this kind of business. Anyone may request me to do an actual demonstration of the process, he said.

DTI-Davao City field office director Teolulo T. Pasawa said that this is another business opportunity which the Davaoeos can tap.

Furthermore, this will also help in boosting the development of our fruit industry. We, at DTI, are also extending a helping hand for this dream to be realized, he said.(DTI 11)

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