Cayetano: Victim of Sinister Cheating or Incompetence?

May. 15, 2007

MANILA — The Black and White Movement deplores the COMELEC ruling (misruling, is probably more appropriate) regarding its decision on the nuisance candidate case against Joselito “Jojo” Cayetano.

While it is not surprising that Joselito CAyetano was declared a nuisance candidate, it is mind blowing that COMELEC decided to keep “Jojo” on the official list of candidates, arguing that Joselito Cayetano was well within his rights to appeal the ruling within 5 days, and therefore allowed his inclusion on the senatorial list of candidates until the completion of the appeal process. Even more fabulous is the ruling that votes cast as simply “Cayetano” would be considered stray votes.

Is this just another “lapse” in judgment on the part of the COMELEC? Or is COMELEC being used by sinister forces as a weapon against Alan Peter Cayetano, an uncompromising critic of government?

We can only conclude that either the commissioners are grossly incompetent for not deciding on the matter earlier to avoid this unjust and prejudicial situation to an opposition candidate, or they maliciously delayed the decision to put Alan Peter Cayetano at a gross disadvantage.

The Black & White Movement believes that the COMELEC must rectify this situation by ruling that all “Cayetano” only votes be counted in favor of Alan Peter, and invalidate these votes should the appeal of Joselito Cayetano be later upheld. Why should Alan Peter be penalized and suffer the burden of a recount when it is the COMELEC that caused this untenable situation in the first place?

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