Bayan slams DSWD, Soliman’s face-saving move

Mar. 13, 2013

Press Release
12 March 2013

DAVAO CITY – The two-page paid advertisement by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in the major national and local dailies on Monday (March 11) is nothing but an “act of saving face” and a “shameful, implicit admission of inefficiency.”

This is how the umbrella organization Bagong Alyansang Makabayan views the department’s “lavish yet ineffective attempt to redeem its sagging credibility.”

“It is easy to list down accomplishments, tabulate figures and advertise using the people’s money.  But the question is, were those figures translated into tangible services, and were it free from corruption?,” said Sheena Duazo, Bayan spokesperson for Southern Mindanao.

Duazo added that the efficiency in service of the DSWD under Secretary Dinky Soliman can be best gauged with the condition of the typhoon victims.

Bayan also questioned the timing of the DSWD’s published reports.  Duazo said that Bayan and Pablo victims under the Barug Katawhan had long been asking for this.

“Why did Soliman have to wait for the victims to hold a barricade in Compostela Valley and for them to confiscate the relief goods in Davao City?  Why only now when Cristina Jose had already been killed?,” Duazo asked.

Bayan said that the DSWD is either too slow to act or Soliman herself benefitted from the scam, recalling former DSWD employee June Sanchez and cash-for-work beneficiary Romulo Serot who came out in the open and exposed the department’s anomalies.

Duazo also scored Soliman’s Letter to the Editor published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

“She’s a hypocrite for trying to appear transparent and righteous despite the several corruption cases surrounding her,” Duazo said citing the 2 Billion peace bond fund and several cases enshrouding the DSWD’s relief and rehabilitation operations.

“Soliman is not credible to speak of people empowerment because of her department’s inept delivery of relief and rehabilitation service and the corruption issues hounding her,” Duazo said.  She added that contrary to Soliman’s accusation, the typhoon victims were not manipulated but have become militants themselves as they organized their ranks and asserted their legitimate rights.

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Sheena Duazo Spokesperson

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