Arroyos Rome visit is to get a blessing for her criminal regime — Migrante

Jun. 02, 2007

Gloria Arroyos visit to Rome, the seat of the Vatican, on June 2-4, is part of her regimes international public relations blitz to repair the tarnished image of the Philippines as a democratic country after the fraudulent and violent congressional and local elections last May 14. It is also part of her regimes efforts to solicit foreign aid and drum up political support for her regimes greater diabolical plans to perpetuate fascist rule through the newly-passed anti-terrorism law.

The Rome visit is also to get the Catholic Churchs blessings for her criminal regime.

Filipinos in Italy strongly condemn Gloria Arroyos use of taxpayers money for her jetsetting in pursuit of more anti-people objectives.

Gloria has become politically isolated in the international community after several prestigious international and state bodies such as the European Union, Amnesty International, the UN Special Rapporteur, and the Permanent Peoples Tribunal, condemned her regime for the more than 850 extrajudicial killings, disappearances and other gross human rights violations. She is being made accountable for these war crimes that are punishable under international laws.

Her regime has become even more politically isolated in the international community, after the exposure by international foreign observers of systematic fraud, corruption and violence that attended the May 14 congressional and local elections. They exposed to the world the dirty and violent maneuvers of Arroyo to secure the majority in the Philippine House of Representatives to prevent another impeachment attempt by the political opposition, thus, allowing her to rule until 2010, and perhaps, even beyond, to push for Charter Change (cha-cha), and to viciously implement the newly-enacted anti-terror law, against the people and her political opponents.

Even as she is desperately assuring foreign officials that her regime is committed to respecting human rights and international laws, the political killings and political abductions have continued unabated. But she has not escaped the fury of the peoples protests in Japan, New Zealand and Australia when she visited these countries.

She will surely face a furious Filipino community and its solidarity friends here in Europe.

The results of the overseas absentee voting among Filipino migrants wherein the political opposition and the progressive party list groups have won overwhelmingly, are clear messages to Gloria Arroyo that she is already exposed, that Filipino migrants do not want her anymore, and that they are willing to take militant actions to lobby their host countries and governments, to reject the fascist and criminal regime of Gloria Arroyo, to stop the political killings and abductions, and to stop foreign aid to her regime.

Stop the political killings and abductions!
Stop political repression and human rights violations in the Philippines!
Oust Gloria Arroyo! No to fascist dictatorship!
No to the anti-terrorism law!
Stop aid to the criminal regime of Gloria Arroyo!
Try Arroyo in the International Criminal Court!

For Reference:
Weng Flores (Umangat-Rome) +393291757805

Alex Gregorio (Bayan International-Europe)

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