AFP playing Pontious Pilate on Fr. Pops’ death, BAYAN slams military’s apology demand

Jan. 02, 2012

Davao City – “Why is the AFP Eastern Mindanao Command, through its erratic spokesperson, Col. Leopoldo Galon Jr. quick and hell-bent, vocal even in cleansing their bloody hands and minds, declaring their innocence?” asked Franchie Buhayan, of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan – Southern Mindanao.

According to Buhayan the sudden shift of Galon’s statement after accusing the CPP-NPA of killing Fr. Pops reveal his and the AFP’s inconsistency, representing the military’s systemic and uncontrollable deception.

“The likes of Col. Galon in the AFP are still at-large to twist truths, fabricate and spread lies. The AFP has run clearly desperate to clean its quarters from stinking with blood, this time by asking the militants to apologize to them,” said Buhayan.

Galon has made a statement demanding apology from the militants for wrongly accusing them of having involvement in the brutal killing of Fr. Pops

Buhayan instead used an old saying “he who excuses himself, accuses himself” to emphasize that Galon and the AFP must have really been involved in the brutal murder of the Italian missionary.

“For the thousands killed, and many more victims of state repressions, and for the hundreds of civilians hamletted in Arakan, Galon and the AFP do not deserve any amount of apology,” Buhayan said.

“What Galon and the AFP deserve is a condemnation!” Buhayan exclaimed “The AFP’s Oplan Bayanihan has continued to put the lives of lumad and peasants in the countrysides in peril, tagging them communist supporters for struggling for genuine land reform and right to self determination.”

It can be remembered that the death of Fr. Pops was linked to the 57th IB after a Fact-Finding Mission was held in Arakan and after it was revealed that before Fr. Pops was killed he constantly received threats from paramilitary groups backed by the AFP.

“We will pursue justice in our militance. We pitty Galon for playing Pontius Pilate on Fr. Pops’ death, he has further unmasked AFP of its real face – fascist and deceitful,” Buhayan said.

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