CCT Proposed Budget: A Growing Monster of Deception

Jun. 25, 2012

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16 June 2012

CCT Proposed Budget:  A Growing Monster of Deception

“The Aquino administration is once again poised to bloat its CCT (conditional cash transfer) monster of a budget for 2013.  By so doing, it continues to cultivate the culture of mendicancy.  It continues to deceive the population that CCT is the way out of poverty,” GWP Rep. Emmi De Jesus said on the proposed 30% increase in the CCT allocation for the 2013 national budget.

The CCT budget reached PHP 34 billion (USD 0.798B) for 2012, and with the proposed increase, it will roughly amount to PHP 45 billion (USD 1.06B) next year.
“The Aquino administration has not proven any long-term positive impact of CCT on the lives of its beneficiaries, so why increase the budget now?  Isn’t it a suspicious coincidence that the proposed marked increase comes at a time when electoral spending will once again shoot up?,” De Jesus said.

“We very well know that the only way out of poverty is to create and implement strategic economic programs such as building a national industry and a genuine agrarian reform program.  GWP remains firm in its stand that when the government provides employment, the woman can feed her family, send the children to school, and provide for the basic needs of the family,” the Gabriela solon added.

De Jesus ended by saying that even as the Aquino administration insists on throwing scraps of food to the poor and refuses to build national industries and forward a genuine agrarian reform program, Filipino workers and farmers as well as other marginalized sectors of society should stand firm in demanding that the government account for its failure to deliver on the promise of a life of dignity for every Filipino.

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