Moro group on slain Tausug youth: It’s an ‘act of terror’

Sep. 15, 2018

DAVAO CITY , Philippines — It’s an act of terror.

This was how the militant Suara Bangsamoro described the killing of seven Tausug youths after the government troops mistook them as Abu Sayyaf bandits in what the latter claimed to be a result of a legitimate encounter happened in Barangay Tambang, Patikul in Sulu province.

“This latest killing of innocent civilians is an act of terror against the public perpetrated by government forces under Duterte’s martial law in Mindanao,” Jerome Succor Aba, national chairperson of Suara Bangsamoro, said over the weekend.

“We are enraged by the string of senseless killings and massacres against the Bangsamoro in Sulu, Maguindanao and Marawi City,” he added.

Aba said the slain Tausug youths were carrying boxes of lanzones and mangosteen fruits after a harvest last September 14.

“The military open fired at them,” Aba said.

A quick reaction team will be dispatched in the area together with Cotabato-based human rights group Kawagib the soonest possible time to assess situation, he added.

Earlier this week, the military has reported that seven Abu Sayyaf bandits were killed under Radulan Sahiron following an armed clash with the soldiers on Friday at around 1:30 p.m. The clash also wounded 17 soldiers, according to an Inquirer report.(

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