10ID condemns abduction and killing of Rebelyn

Mar. 07, 2009

10ID condemns abduction and killing of Rebelyn

PANACAN, DAVAO CITY Twenty-year old Rebelyn Pitao, a teacher of Saint Peters College of Toril, was abducted by still unknown criminals at Bago Gallera, Talomo District, Davao City last March 4, 2009. A day after, she was found dead due to stab wounds in San Isidro, Carmen, Davao Oriental.

Immediately upon the reported abduction, the 10the Infantry Division (ID) leadership issued a directive to all field commanders to exert efforts to investigate the reported incident and locate her possible whereabouts. On the other hand, the Philippine National Police (PNP) created a Task Force to ensure the speedy resolution of the case. However, the initial efforts to locate her alive were put into vain as the criminals inhumanely ended Revelyns right to life.

Since this was a deliberate attack on a civilian, the men and women of the 10th ID (Agila) condemns in strongest terms such a dastardly acts perpetrated by criminals against a young woman and a law-abiding citizen who lived silently and worked peacefully in the community.

Major General Reynaldo B Mapagu, commander of 10ID based in Panacan said, We would like to extend our earnest condolences to the family of Rebelyn and we assure them that the command will help in the course of the investigation so that the perpetrators will be turned over to the PNP in order that justice for Rebelyn will be achieved as soon as possible.

It is also to our best interest to seek the truth and find out the culprits so that we can clear the name of our organization from the accusations of some individuals who maliciously link us to the crime even without any solid basis or evidence, he added.

Meanwhile, 10ID is calling the attention of the public to be vigilant and not to immediately speculate on the false information propagated by some groups to discredit the men in uniform because in the end, all of us will suffer the damage when their real intent in creating havoc in the society will be achieved.

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