#NormalizeBreastfeeding: “Rude” comment of KC Montero on breastfeeding in public draws flak from moms

Sep. 11, 2015

DAVAO CITY — Breastfeeding month apparently doesn’t end in August as netizens, mostly breastfeeding moms, took to social media their reactions to a comment of radio host and actor KC Montero.

Montero, whose real name is Casey Miller, during his program The Wild Side aired over 89.1 Wave FM on Thursday mentioned that women who are breastfeeding in public should “at least cover up”.

On his Facebook page, Montero posted at 3:03 pm yesterday “that they apologize” for the incident.

“We sincerely (apologize) if it came across as disrespectful and offended you in any way. We take responsibility for our POOR CHOICE OF WORDS. We should not have said “at least cover up.” It sounded condescending and (disrespectful), in hindsight,” said Montero’s post.

“We were merely suggesting that breastfeeding mothers be DISCREET to avoid awkwardness for the people around (them), as well as protect the mothers from staring perverts. WE ARE NOT AGAINST BREASTFEEDING IN PUBLIC. We have the highest respect for mothers who we love dearly and who breastfed us when we were kids,” he said.

His post further said “(i)n fact, co-host Jimmy Muna was breastfed until he was 14 years old, like Robin Arryn from Game of Thrones. Again, we’re sorry for our poor choice of words. Please allow us to make it up to you by helping educate idiots like us about breastfeeding.”

Montero followed up another post on twitter where he said “Btw (by the way), I had dinner under a blanket and it was delicious.”

The post got mixed reactions from netizens.

Some agreed with Montero’s statements, including @netju14 who said “(I feel) you dude! They can breastfeed all they want and where but be discreet that other people won’t feel uncomfortable seeing one’s boob.”

“By the way, I’m a mom of two boys and I support breastfeeding,” her post reads.

Others reacted negatively and commented that Montero, as a media personality should “exercise extra prudence.”

Several breastfeeding mothers in Facebook also said they were “offended” by Montero’s comment and questioned the host’s previous apology.

A comment on Montero’s twitter from @littlejoe_ph said “should we care how we make you feel seeing our breast while feeding our child? Most babies don’t feel comfortable with cover ups.”

Pia Embuscado, a member of the online support group Breastfeeding Pinays (BFP), said “when we sit down in a public place to nurse, it is because we know that the best way to comfort a hungry baby is to offer our breast. It is natural. We don’t take out our breast for show, we do it to nurse.”

Embuscado added that people who see breastfeeding mothers in public should “look away” instead.

“If you have issues with public breastfeeding,” then don’t ogle, look away discreetly,” she said.

The FM station invited the administrators of BFP on Friday morning.

Noelle Pollack said the debate showed “the reality” faced by breastfeeding mothers.

“We may not agree with the views of the DJs, but outside that radio booth, outside our homes, and even inside our homes, ito ang reality na hinaharap natin (this is the reality we face),” she said.

She said many people have the same mindset that breastfeeding mothers should cover themselves in public “and so moms will continue to feel shamed, awkward, and pressured for doing something that is normal, nourishing, and nurturing.”

She said the incident only shows that “people need to be informed.”

“We have to do so much more to support families and protect, promote, and support breastfeeding, and the discussion earlier is a very clear piece of evidence for that,” said Pollack.

Pollack said Montero also apologized after their interview. (davaotoday.com)


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