by Tyrone A. Velez

DAVAO CITY — The NCCC Choice Supermarket is establishing another outlet in the fast-rising residential community of Tigatto and Mandug in Buhangin District.

The LTS Supermarkets Inc, which owns NCCC Choice, signed a 10-year lease agreement Friday with the Commercio Marquella, a new commercial and transport hub owned by the Marfori’s Northbank Holdings Corporation.

LTS Supermarket President Javelin Lim, inked this partnership with Northbank President & CEO Simeon Marfori II.

The Choice Supermarket will be situated in the proposed Centro Marcadia building, and will be operational by mid-2014.

This partnership will bring the supermarket to around 3,000 families located in residential areas around the Tigatto-Mandug areas such as Ciudades Township, DECA Homes, Las Palmas Verdes and Altea Homes.

Barangays Mandug and Tigatto have a total population of around 32,000 according to government statistics.

The expansion of NCCC is part of “retooling to compete with the national giants in the industry now present in the city,” a news release said.

Lim also said that aside from Choice Supermarket, they will also be opening HB1 Drugstore, Choice Bakeshop and Hardware Max outlets which they also operate.

Lim said once the store opens it will employ 200 employees including merchandisers and promo dicers.

Marfori said their partnership with NCCC has fulfilled partly their plan to find investors to their commercial hub that will provide services, employment and promotion of entrepreneurs in the area.

The development of Commercial Marquella was made with the partnership of Northbank Holdings with Lapanday Properties Philippines.

Marfori said the plan of Commmercio Marquella is to open around twenty stores and stalls and provide open spaces for transient vendors for seasonal events such as fiestas and the Christmas holidays.

He said they are providing lower rates for rental of stores, with the rates in Bankerohan Market as their benchmark.

Another facet of the commercial hub is to build environmentally-sound infrastructures, such as allowing natural light and open spaces, and big rainwater catchment basins. (Tyrone A. Velez/

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