The Department of Science and Technology (DOST

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) here attempts to popularize science and technology to the communities by presenting local technologies that have been already tested and adapted locally by local business and groups.

The DOST would be holding the annual National Science and Technology Week (NSTW) at SMX Convention Center, SM Lanang on July 6-8 where it would showcase the capacity of science experts to inspire a greater appreciation for local technologies.

The activity would carry the theme, “Science for the People of Mindanao: Innovation for Collective Prosperity,” and the NSTW would partner with the Technology Application and Promotion Institute (DOST-TAPI) to introduce ground-breaking innovations meant to positively impact communities, among which is the vertical helophyte filter technology.

According to DOST XI Regional Director Dr. Anthony Sales, the NSTW is an avenue for the agency to encourage small and medium businesses to adapt environmental-friendly technologies such as the new filter system.

The vertical helophyte filter technology is patterned from the designs of Netherland’s leading water technology and it utilizes plants in effectively cleansing waste materials from septic tanks. ​A pilot testing of the innovation was launched in Davao’s Porky Best and to the department’s​ delight, it has been proven to be efficient in transfiguring wastes into Class A/B water approved by the​ Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

In addition to this, DOST XI is currently tailoring the vertical helophyte filter to be installed in the Maa ​slaughterhouse since this technology needs to be customized to our local conditions.

​He said this technology would help minimize the contamination of the water systems in the region.​

When asked about the increasing coliform levels in Davao’s rivers and seas, Sales said that the DOST could not solely address the issue of water pollution and other forms of toxic practices. Thus, consolidated efforts for all concerned agencies are necessary.

“We are pushing for the passage of an ordinance that would urge the business sectors to adapt eco-friendly technologies,” Sales stated while referring to the new filter system.
​He said Malacanang has confirmed the attendance of President Rodrigo Duterte ​to the opening ceremony at the SMX Convention Center. opening ceremonies on Friday. (

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