CDO artist, Nic Aca, reflects on his struggles amid the pandemic

Jul. 29, 2021

Photo collage courtesy of Nicolas Aca

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY – The coronavirus pandemic has affected almost all members of society, from the poorest to the wealthiest, from the developing countries to the most advanced ones.

And artists like Nicolas Aca, or “Nic” to his close friends, are no exception.

Like everyone else, these artists have to go through the struggles and difficulties as the deadly virus makes its assault on nations and peoples wreaking havoc on their path.

Nic admits that the imposition of quarantine measures and health restrictions by health authorities and local governments on residents have taken its toll on him and his family, too.

Nic found an outlet for his frustrations, desires and hope during the pandemic in the form of a challenge posted by his colleagues from the international art community.

Just recently, he participated in the International Network Art project’s “Face Change,” where for nine successive days he would post photos of himself expressing his anguish and desperation artistically during the pandemic on social media.

According to its creators, the challenge was organized to “encourage people to face reality bravely, introspect oneself, accept changes and pursue their own strength and development by chance. Face change, it is to make timely changes. Welcome diverse public response!”

In a previous interview with this writer, Nic shared that “my work is a reflection of the artist struggles during this time of pandemic. As an artist, it has been hard to adjust to the given circumstances most especially now when we are limited to do what we want, and we are going through a lot of changes.”

As it concluded, this writer got back at the internationally renowned multi-artist and asked him his thoughts on the activity, which was also participated in by his colleagues from around the world, and how it affected him.

“After this Face Change challenge, I reflected that each of us has been going through different changes and challenges during this time of pandemic. As an artist, I can see how other participating artists also have their own individual struggles and insights conveyed in their own set of face change pictures,” Nic told this writer in an online interview Friday, July 23.

The Face Change, he said, can impact the people outside the art scene by reflecting on the deeper meaning of this challenge.

The message of this activity is not only applicable to the participating artists, but to the audiences as well.

“In this very modern world, we cannot always please everybody. I just do my thing and allow the audiences to think deeper beyond the performance or the art itself, and let it stir their senses. I also explained my concept in simple terms so that they may be able to have an idea of what my thing is all about,” Nic said.

He noted that social media has helped the artists in so many ways.

“It [social media] allows us to have a much greater avenue to showcase and express our art forms not only locally but outside the country as well. Because of social media, I have been recognized in many international art groups and I have also been invited in several international exhibits. I also got to know different artists from all over the world and we share common art interests,” Nic said.

With the challenge, Nic has found like-minded individuals who share his thoughts, his musings, and most of all, how he is dealing with his inner demons.

“Yes, I think that these artists that I have collaborated with share the same struggle as me. It is also a struggle to them to have people understand the deeper meaning of what we are trying to convey, but we are thankful for the few who really take their time to understand and think deeper to appreciate the art better,” he said.

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