Davao Businesses Push Recycling

Jun. 06, 2006

DAVAO CITY Believing that environment plays a vital role in spurring development, the business sector in the city spearheaded by the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCCI) will hold the collection of recyclables on June 10 at the SM City carpark.

DCCCI president Bienvenido Cariaga said the event is the contribution of the business sector in showing their deep concern for the environment.

The project is in partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the City Government of Davao.

Studies showed that paper recycling saves up to 54% in energy use, plastic recycling saves petroleum and landfill space, aluminum recycling reduces water pollution by up to 70%, car battery recycling prevents lead and battery electrolyte from pollution.

DCCCI welcomes recyclable materials such as newsprint, magazines, old corrugated cartons, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, lead acid batteries, used printer inks and toners, and motor oils. Each of these recyclables has its corresponding price.

The DCCCI has long been advocating the value of recycling. And for the past years that weve conducted this activity, the business sector has shown a sense of responsibility to the environment., Cariaga said.

Since 2002 until last year, the annual recyclables collection event has collected waste with an economic value of more than 1 million pesos already.

The said volume of waste was equivalent to 913 cubic meters of landfill space or 91 ten-ton dump trucks.

The DCCCI, in their assessment, said the annual RCE has saved 1,219 trees, recovered 186,959 kilos of lead, treated 34,905 liters of sulfuric acid, recovered 5,120 grams of precious metal and 456,060 kilos of base metal, treated 6,852 kilos of toxic substances, recycled 919 kilos of aluminum and 1,495 kilos of PET plastics. (Mai Gevera/PIA)

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