City Forms Team to Go After Litterbugs

Apr. 26, 2006

DAVAO CITY — The city government, on orders of Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte, has formed a group to arrest persons found violating the citys garbage disposal program.

Duterte said he wanted a sustained cleanup of wastes around the city to give Dabawenyos a healthy environment.

City Environment and Natural Resources chief Ann Silvoza said the citys Basura Patrol has been strengthened with the formation of the anti-littering team.

Silvoza cited a city ordinance as legal basis in the creation of teams and other anti-littering groups.

The ordinance penalizes littering, scattering, or any careless disposal of waste materials, refuse and other unsanitary things on streets, parks, public buildings and other places in the city.

Silvoza also cited another ordinance on the regulation and control of solid waste disposal, prescribing the manner of solid waste disposal by residential, commercial, and industrial establishments, the time of collection and providing penalties in case of violation thereof and other legal grounds which supports the apprehending function of the anti-littering group.

The Basura Patrol and anti-littering group will provide sustained effort for total clean-up in the city and will also act as monitoring team and educate the people about the importance of proper waste disposal. (Philippine Information Agency)

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