‘Biodynamic’ Products Now in Davao

Jan. 26, 2007

DAVAO CITY — A store selling 100 percent pesticide-free food products will be finally opened here today, a move considered as a breakthrough in the growing world of alternative food production and consumption.

Opening the niche to the public is the Don Bosco Foundation for Sustainable Development or Don Bosco, a prime-mover in the science of biodynamics, an agricultural approach which recognizes the basic principles at work with nature and takes these principles to bring about balance and healing.

Called Bios Dynamis-Health Food Center, the store is located at 3rd street , Phase 1, Ecoland Subd. Corner Quimpo Blvd. Their products include polished rice, fresh and flavored milk, yoghurt, tea granules (avocado, ginger, sambong and turmenic), wild honey, goat meat, mangosteen capsules and tea, salad dressings, herbs, antroposophic medicines, home-made soaps (fresh milk, wild honey, milk and honey, carrot, mulberry), among others.

Another store was also established in Kidapawan City.

Biodynamics is practiced all around the world and in this side of the country, Don Bosco is behind it. This practice is also known in Australia and US among others.

In North Cotabato alone, around 4,000 farmers are practicing Biodynamics, all of them enjoying good harvest while maintaining the soundness of the environment and delivering safe food products to the people.

The products of biodynamics are all enriched by the forces of nature like the sun and moon and the stars, including the elements of natureair, water, fire, and earth.

Managing of the harmful pests are even done through the natural wayby spraying the field with milk and honey which will attract friendly pests. Weed eradication is gathering the species of unwanted weeds and process it, its ashes spread in the area and eventually the weeds will be free of the weeds.

The demand for chemical-free food products is already increasing today as it gains recognition from the international community. This as people have realized the importance of producing high-quality food products while keeping the integrity of the environment and health of the people.

The international market has also started to demand organically-produced bananas from banana-producing countries like the Philippines.

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