Tagum commuters seek P1.00 fare roll back as fuel prices go down

Nov. 25, 2014

TAGUM CITY—Tricycle commuters here sought a fare roll back of P1.00 after fuel prices  went down this week.

“They [tricycle drivers] should implement a fare roll back because the prices of fuel are cheaper nowadays,” Michelle Valderama, 23, a college student, told DavaoToday in an interview.

The regular and minimum fare in Tagum is at P9.00 while a discounted fare of P6.00 for students and senior citizens. Fuel price per liter is pegged at P48.00.

Valderama said she hoped that tricycle drivers will implement the fare roll back “to ease the burden of commuters in paying the trike fare considering that prices of commodities are high.”

Another commuter Claire Baldonado, a 36-year old carinderia owner, complained that some tricycle drivers are not implementing a fare cut of P 1.00 despite a lower price of fuel in Tagum.

“It’s really unfair because if there is a hike in fuel prices they automatically add P1.00 to the regular fare. Despite the cheap fuel prices still they are collecting the same fare,” said Baldonado.

Baldonado told DavaoToday that “tricycle drivers are intently defying a city ordinance regulating fare rates on tricycle units.”

“Or maybe they are plainly ignorant,” Balnonado added.

Baldonado is referring to City Ordinance No. 320, series of 2008 or known as the Flexi Fare Ordinance, a landmark legislation which seeks to regulate fare rates of Motorized Tricycles For Hire.

A discounted fare is set based on the fuel prices brackets provided in the Flexi Fare Ordinance.

For instance, a fuel price bracket of P20 to P29.99 per liter—the fare is at P6.00 while a discounted fare of P4.00 for both students and senior citizens.

A bracket of P30.00 to P39.99 fuel per liter, the regular fare is P7.00 and discounted fare is P5.00. For a bracket of P40.00 to P49.99 fuel per liter, the regular fare is P8.00 and discounted fare is P6.00; for a bracket of P60.00 to P69.99, the regular fare is P10.00 and discounted fare is P8.00 for both students and senior citizens.

A bracket of P70 to P79.99, the regular fare is P11.00 and discounted fare is at P9.00 while for P80.00 to P89.99, the regular fare is P12.00 and the discounted fare is P10.00 for students and senior citizens.

“They should implement and follow the ordinance [Flexi Fare Ordinance]. The riding public deserves a fare roll-back based on the ordinance,” said Francisco Remitar, vice-chairman of City Transportation Franchising Regulatory Board.

Remitar, also a City Councilor, has urged the tricycle drivers and operators to “implement” the said ordinance, saying “it must be observed because it’s a local law and it’s permanent in nature. A tariff is provided and it covers fare reduction”

“The commuters are well-aware of this ordinance so I assumed also that they [tricycle operators and drivers] are aware of such ordinance too.

There’s no need of further consultation because it’s an ordinance,” said Remitar.

Like Baldonado, other commuters randomly interviewed by DavaoToday reported that tricycle drivers are not following the ordinance.

“No. Tricycle drivers don’t implement fare rollback. They don’t even return the change and even collect beyond the minimum,” said Vince Padilla, 30, a store owner and a commuter. (davaotoday.com)

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