Residents face dislocation over P33-B reclamation project

Oct. 20, 2014

Davao City – Isla Verde residents may be dislocated as a reclamation project in the area is being negotiated by the city government with some investors including a Malaysian firm.

Davao City Duterte said Sunday that Malaysian investors and a developer named Reghis Romero are interested in reclaiming the area along Isla Verde up to the mouth of Davao River area.

Duterte said he talked to Romero recently.

“In principle, I agreed to their plan to reclaim the area in Isla Verde. The problem is I have also committed to the Malaysians that I will help them,” he said.

“Now, I will talk with these two regarding their plan for land reclamation from Isla Verde up to the mouth of the Davao River,” Duterte said.

The investors would be pouring in P33-billion worth of project which involves the development of the 746-hectare coastal area.

“They will put a land fill on the area,” Duterte said.

He said that the developers will also build a canal.

Duterte also said that the city is still asking for an amendment to the presidential proclamations which declares Isla Verde as residential site.

Isla Verde, which is 123, 201 square meters, is covered by Presidential Proclamations 85. The barangay has an estimated population of 13, 398.

Presidential Proclamation 85 which was signed by then President Joseph Ejercito Estrada states that Isla Verde is a human settlement site.

Duterte said the actual project would probably start on 2016.

He said that if the residents will agree to the project they would be paid and they would be relocated.

Duterte, however, warned the investors not to give even a single peso to any government employee or agency in Davao lest they want their papers “thrown  in the trash bin.”

“I warned them because all reclamation projects in the country is marred with corruption. If you give money to those in Manila, don’t do it here in Davao,” Duterte said.

“I won’t be here anymore by that time. It would be best if Inday (Sara Duterte) would run, at least there will be no corruption because this project  involves a lot of money,” he said. (

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