FACT CHECK: DOH never released bulletin about ‘upper respiratory infection’ in China

Jan. 07, 2023

CLAIM: Netizens have been sharing a “health bulletin” attributed to the Department of Health (DOH) about an alleged “upper respiratory infection” affecting China.

The alleged bulletin circulating online says the illness is “highly contagious” and that “the virus causing it is very potent and is resistant to existing antibiotics.”


The DOH in a statement posted online said they had not posted any such statement.

“The DOH warns the public against an alleged circulating DOH Bulletin Message about an Upper Respiratory Infection in China, which maliciously uses the agency’s name,” it said.

The health department reminded the public to get health information only from legitimate sources and platforms like DOH’s website and social media pages

Furthermore, the DOH said that respiratory diseases, as well as other communicable diseases, can generally be prevented “by employing layers of protection such as sanitation, masking, distancing, good ventilation, and vaccination.”

The message appears to be circulated amid the surge of Covid-19 infections in China. Several countries have imposed entry restrictions on travelers arriving from China as concerns grow over the reliability of the country’s reporting of cases.

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