DTI warns Davao folk vs old food stocks

Jun. 30, 2007

By Rose Palacio

DAVAO CITY — Following governments order recalling about 2.5-million cans of infant formula brands due to reported contamination, Department of Trade and Industry Davao City Field Office is also warning consumers against old food stocks they might put into their shopping carts.

The Department of Health, through the Bureau of Food and Drug has ordered the recall of infant formula cans particularly formula branded like Bona, Promil Kid, Promil & Progress Gold from the market following reports that the infant formula cans were rusting and could be contaminated.

“Have time to read labels pasted on packages. This is for your own protection and for your family,” said DTI City Director Lou Pasawa.

If there are no labels particularly the best before seal indicating the date of manufacture or expiry, Pasawa said consumers could still determine if food is fit for human consumption through its color.

Unlabeled food items are usually repacked products sold on retail such as soy sauce, catsup and vinegar, among others. A change in taste will tell buyers something is wrong with the product.

Noodles and other pasta items can be determined by their texture. Ginabokbok na kini kon madugay na, Director Pasawa said.

He also added that it is also important for consumers to see that containers are clean; DTI has been monitoring activities to ensure that consumers are being protected.

Food items not properly stored change in their color and taste. If not properly stored, food products would expire or possibly get contaminated he said.

It is still best for consumers to be vigilant, Pasawa said. If they will see items have expired they should immediately report it to proper agencies such as the City Health Office, or DTI City Field Office, the Department of Health, or Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD).

The Arroyo administration has been particular on the peoples health and has ordered government agencies to provide necessary health services to every Filipino family. (PIA XI Dispatch/rbp)

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