Davao City’s rising suicide cases alarms legislator

Mar. 12, 2023

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – A legislator has expressed concern on the mental health of her fellow Davaoeños with the rising number of suicide cases.

“Health is not just something you see in the physical. Mental health exists as well and is now (under) a real threat,” said Richlyn Justol- Baguilod, chair of the Committee on Health, in a privilege speech Tuesday, March 7.

She shared the latest incident that happened last week at the Coastal Road in Times Beach.

The everyday pressures at home, school, and workplaces, she said, lead individuals to suffer from burnout, anxiety, and depression.  This pressure also included those who rely on engagements in social media for their self-validation.  

“In 2016, Davao City recorded its highest number of suicide victims with 25 casualties, which rose to 38 the following year. Last year, 53 cases were recorded. In this first week of March, there have been two suicide cases recorded,” she said.

Justol-Baguilod said we can save a life by finding the time to ask those we love or know how they are doing and to remind them that whatever they are going through, they can rise above it.

She said there are available hotlines provided by the city government to accommodate any mental health concerns and the Philippine Mental Health Association-Davao chapter also offers free consultation, counseling, and psychotherapy services. (davaotoday.com)

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