‘A banana a day keeps doctors away’

Jul. 10, 2007

TAGUM CITY—- The Department of Trade and Industry seems to be suggesting that its about time the popular clich an apple a day keeps the doctors away be changed to a banana a day keeps the doctors away.

Nelly Esperanza, DTI Davao del Norte chief for consumer welfare and trade regulation division said DTI Regional Office will be launching on July 17 banana chips as a health food in cooperation with the Department of Education.

DTI wants to encourage the children to turn their interest for local snack food that is much affordable and highly nutritious, Esperanza said . We want our children and youth to be health conscious, she added.

Our banana is much more nutritious than apples, she said citing findings noting that banana has protein content four times higher than apple, three times higher in phosphorous content, five times higher in Vitamin A, five times more iron.

Aside from being highly fibrous, bananas have been found to cause improvement to conditions of those suffering from illnesses such as anemia, and can also relieve stress and ease depression.

So can really say that a banana a day keeps the doctors away, Esperanza said.

This intensified drive to promote banana chips as a major snack food sold in school canteens has received full support from banana industry processors and Cardava banana farmers who have assured of enough market supply for banana chips mass production, Esperanza said.

While promoting health consciousness, promoting banana chips is seen to economically benefit especially the small cardava banana growers who, Esperanza said, would have a much wider market with the growing production of banana chips.

To further drum up awareness regarding the nutritional value of banana, DTI provincial office in Davao del Norte will include the campaign in the Consumer Month celebration in October, aside from waging information drive from school to school.

Esperanza is also conceptualized of thinking of launching a dance interpretation contest of the Banana jingle entitled Basta May Saging, Loving sung by Davao artist Joey Ayala. (PIA XI/JMDA)

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