FACT CHECK: K-12 is not being replaced with K-10 program

Apr. 09, 2024

Claim: Pinas News Insider claimed in a video in 2023 that the Marcos administration has discontinued the K-12 program and replaced it with its K-10 program.  The story claims K-12 will be discontinued because of issues such as overcrowding of students and financial difficulties of families to support K-12.

This video, released a year ago on August 12, 2023, has 167,164 views, 6,700 likes and 1,036 comments in a channel that has 866k subscribers.  The content may have contributed to confusion among the public who already have negative impressions on the implementation of the K-12 in the past years. 

The YouTube channel has been posteing similar stories in the past year,

Why this is false:

Vice President and Education Secretary had clarified that there is no abolishment of the K12 program. A story from Rappler verified that the DepEd’s 2023 report did not call for the program’s abolishment.

What DepEd is doing is revising the K12 program with the K-10 Matatag program, which is called “K to 10 Curriculum of the K to 12 Program.”

The Matatag program reduces the number of subjects and narrows the focus of teachers and students to improve student learning. This revised curriculum focuses on five areas: The revised curriculum will focus on five areas: Language, Reading and Literacy, Mathematics, Makabansa (nationalism), Good Manners and Right Conduct (GMRC).

The claim video: https://youtu.be/R21QbtxGujE?si=EMPh1ElLw8FDSoXU

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