Consumers told: avoid buying hazardous, ‘misbranded’ toys for Christmas

Dec. 17, 2019

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — An environment group urges consumers to avoid buying what they label “misbranded (and) hazardous toys” for their children in the Christmas season.

The Ecological Waste Coalition of the Philippines said certain toys may pose dangers to children. Without specifying which kind of toys, the group said certain toys that are not properly labeled may expose children to risk of sniffing chemicals or paint in toys, or to choking and injuries.

The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) for its part identified these toys and child care articles (TCCA) which are popular products that are bought as gifts this holiday season, and advised the public especially parents to be cautious in selecting these toys.

The FDA reminds the public to check toys that are appropriate for the children’s age, check its quality and avoid toys that are possible choking hazards.

The FDA reminded the public of the Toy and Game Safety Labeling Act of 2013 or Republic Act 10620, which stipulates toy items must have visible information in their packaging such as:

1.Operating licensed number issued by the FDA;
2.Age grading
3.Cautionary warnings
4.Instructions/ guidelines for using
5.Manufacturer’s markings
6.Item Model/ Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) number.

The FDA said failure to put such information on the package labels will lead to the toy to be branded as “unsafe”.

Both EcoWaste and FDA advised parents on the importance of evaluating toys given to children to minimize risks to injury or worse, death.

Consumers interviewed by Davao Today agree with the groups’ concerns.

“We often buy toys at low prices,” said Lemuel Pedrosa, a father of two sons. “However, we also make sure that we evaluate these toys so that we don’t put our sons’ lives at risk.”

Marites Bernabe, a mother of four, said she favors toys that are low priced.

“As a mother of four, I have obligations to my family, yet I still see to it that I can at least give them presents this Christmas, even if it’s not expensive, it’s that important,” she said.(Philip Bagay,HCDC intern/

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