Winners in 2 districts of Davao City proclaimed by Comelec

May. 14, 2019

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – The Davao City Board of Canvassers on Tuesday proclaimed the winning candidates for representatives in the second and third districts here while waiting for the complete transmittal of voting results from the first district.

Davao City Election Officer Atty. Krisna Samantha Caballero proclaimed incumbent representative Isidro Ungab of Davao’s third district after garnering 160,732 total votes.

Comelec also proclaimed the brother of incumbent Rep. Mylene Garcia, Vincent Garcia as representative of the second district with 174,389 votes.

Both Ungab and Garcia are Hugpong ng Pagbabago (HNP) candidates and expected to become close allies of the Dutertes in Congress.

In an interview, both Garcia and Ungab said they would support the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Garcia is eyeing to author the establishment of a Kidney Center at the Southern Philippine Medical Center (SPMC).

He said the Kidney Center has been a long time clamor of the people not only in his district but also in Davao region.

Garcia, though, refused to comment when asked by reporters if he will support the administration’s push for charter change and federalism.

“It’s too early to comment on that. Even the administration is yet to study on the matter. Let’s wait for the president and his plans on (his coming) SONA (State of the Nation Address),” Garcia said.

On the other hand, congressman-elect Isidro Ungab expressed support if the Duterte administration would push for charter change and federalism.

He also eyes to support the immediate passage of the country’s budget on time. In his past representation in Congress from 2007 to 2016, Ungab chaired the House Appropriations Committee.

Ungab said he is an experienced politician with nine years in service as a representative of the 3rd district of Davao City to the lower House.

“I have more time to help the President. I have more time to help this administration realized its dreams and vision for the people,” he stressed.

The Comelec also proclaimed the winners for councilors in the second district of Davao City. The winners include Danilo Dayanghirang (123,621), Diosdado Angelo Mahipus Jr. (121,201), Louie John Bonguyan (120,049), Ralph Abella (106, 833), Augusto Javier Campos (106,042), Dante Apostol (105,210), Che-che Justol (105,110) and Jonard Dayap (95,776).

Winners as councilors for the third district were also proclaimed by Comelec, to include Alberto Ungab (146, 120), Nonoy Al-ag(123,300), Joselle Villafuerte (116,378), Conde Baluran ( 114,603), Myrna Dalodo-Ortiz (113,798), Petite Principe (112,911), Cocoy Zozobrado (104,996), and Sweet Advincula (100,526).

Meanwhile, Comelec is still waiting for the election returns coming from three clustered precincts of the first district.

Atty. Caballero said votes coming from the Davao City National High School, Don Cesario Villa Abrille Elementary School, and Bolton Elementary school are still in transmission and would arrive any time in the afternoon on Tuesday.

When asked ii the canvassing would last until Wednesday, May 15, Atty. Caballero said they hope to announce the winners and complete the canvassing by Tuesday afternoon.

He also clarified that no failure of transmission that took place in the three polling precincts. (

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