Mayor Sara issues EO to protect Davao City from ASF

Sep. 26, 2019

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – An Executive Order (EO) was recently issued by the city government of Davao that mandated the temporary ban on all live pigs, pork and pork-related products and by-products, whether fresh, frozen, processed or cooked, including but not limited to frozen boar semen, from the entire island of Luzon and the other African Swine Fever (ASF) affected areas.

The EO was signed by Mayor Sara Duterte on September 25, Wednesday, that also prohibited the feeding of raw swill or food wastes, locally known as “lamaw” to pigs in the city.

On September 17, the City Council, through Councilor Ralph Abella, chairperson of the Committee on Agriculture also passed a resolution requesting Mayor Sara Duterte to issue an EO for the temporary ban pork products from Luzon and other ASF-affected areas.

The said order is to protect the hog industry of Davao City from the potential threat of ASF and from any possible economic loss.

“There is a possibility that the African Swine Fever may reach the city in such proportions that would affect the food safety and security of the city,” the EO said.

Under the EO, Duterte orders all concerned government offices and swine industry stakeholders to be vigilant in their areas of responsibilities.

For the swine raisers, they are also ordered to practice strict bio-security and good animal husbandry practices in their farms by not feeding food wastes to pigs.

Raw swill or food wastes, if fed to hogs, must be treated at a temperature of at least 90°C for at least 60 minutes, with continuous stirring, the EO said.

Swine raisers are also encouraged to use commercially available feeds or self-formulated feeds using conventional or non-conventional feed ingredients sourced from areas that are not affected with ASF.

For the hotel and restaurant operators and other food establishments and food wastes collectors, they have to ensure that the table left-overs or food wastes are properly disposed and shall not be provided to the swine raisers as feed for their pigs within the city.

Livestock dealers have to ensure that all animals for transport and slaughter are accompanied by necessary documents such as Veterinary Health Certificate or Animal Inspection Certificate and Shipping Permits.

Meat vendors, suppliers and meat processors have to ensure that there shall be no selling of meat and processed meat that are clandestinely or illegally slaughtered, undocumented or sourced from illegal markets, the EO added.

Meanwhile, all other concerned agencies and barangay officials are also required to conduct Information, Education and Communication (IEC) activities on ASF prevention especially the prohibition of “lamaw” feeding.

The information drive is also aimed to ensure that swine raisers will no longer practice raw swill feeding and the conduct of regular monitoring of health status of swine, and to ensure that illegal meat products, either fresh, frozen or processed are not being sold in the market and report any suspicious incidence of mortality in pigs for verification to the VCO. (

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