Davao’s 2019 Kadayawan will be month-long

Jul. 06, 2019

DAVAO CITY, Philippines -This year’s upcoming Kadayawan Festival will be a month-long celebration for the City.

City Tourism Officer Generose Tecson said on Thursday, during the I-Speak forum, that the budget for the festivity may increase to about P70-P75 million compared to P60 million last 2018.

Around 250,000 tourists, both local and foreign, are anticipated to join the Kadayawan Festival, which is becoming bigger each year.

Tecson said that organizers of the festival spread out most of the activities during weekends so that tourists may also enjoy travel around the City.

In a copy of Kadayawan 2019 events provided, some events like the Kadayawan Village, Kadayawan sa Davao Light Show, and Agri-trade fair will already start on August 1.

Meanwhile, the schedule of the two highlight events of the festival has also changed.

Indak-indak sa Kadayawan, will be happening on August 17, Saturday; while Pamulak sa Kadayawan will now be in the following week, August 24.

Some events for this year’s festival were also made even bigger.

Habi Kadayawan, a fashion and design competition, has now accepted entries coming from different parts of Mindanao. This would showcase the “rich and diverse culture and heritage” of the 11 tribes of Davao.

People should also watch out for other events such as the Dula Kadayawan; Sayaw Kadayawan; Tunog Kadayawan; Kadayawan Dragon Boat Festival; Pitik Kadayawan drumbeating competition; and Mugna Kadayawan 2019, an On-the-Spot wall art competition.

Meanwhile, this year’s Hiyas ng Kadayawan will be crowned on August 11.

The official opening ceremony of the Kadayawan Festival will happen on August 2, Friday at the Magsaysay Park. (davaotoday.com)

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