Davao City council to form 4 new committees

Feb. 13, 2020

DAVAO TODAY, Philippines – The 19th City Council will soon to have additional four committees. This was one of the results of the Executive-Legislative Agenda (ELA).

Majority floor leader, Councilor Melchor Quitain Jr. who chairs the committee on laws, rules and ordinances, said that his the office is now doing the study and research for the additional four committees before the 19th council term ends.

The idea, he said, is the result of the ELA with Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio and other local government officials for formulating the major development thrusts and priority legislation of the local executive and legislative branches for the next three years.

“We are still doing the work for these four committees. We need to study each concern to come up with the most appropriate rules of law before the term ends,” said Quitain.

Among the proposed additional committees are the Committee on Anti-terrorism, Committee on Disaster, Committee on Future Generations and the Committee on Culture and Indigenous Community.

Quitain cited that the anti-terrorism and disaster concerns are currently under the committee on peace and public safety.

“The mayor wanted to have a separate committee that will only focus on the anti-terrorism legislation of the city,” Quitain added.

The proposed committee on future generations, meanwhile, aims to assess the existing local laws and programs as well as the engagements of the local government.

Quitain said the role of the committee is to regulate unnecessary legislation, transactions, and programs of the city.(davaotoday.com)

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