City Council looking to require defibrillators at all health and public facilities

Aug. 20, 2019

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – The City Council proposed to have an ordinance mandating to put up a defibrillator in sports event following the death of an athlete in a recent sports event held in the city.

According to Councilor Mary Joselle Villafuerte, Chair of the Committee on Health, the automated external defibrillator (AED) that can automatically diagnose life-threatening cardiac arrest in a patient, should be installed in all ambulances, health centers in the City, and even public places where people gather like malls and parks, as well as sports venues.

In the recent Kadayawan Triathlon event last August 4 held at Villa Josefina Resort Village in Toril, Mario Francisco V Marfori II died after his first run.

“Accordingly, after the first run, Marfori fell and lost consciousness and even though CPR was immediately given, he still died on the way to the hospital,” said Villafuerte in the sidelines of the regular session.

Villafuerte also said that according to Stax Savellano, race director, three physicians were present when he collapsed.

She also cited Dr. Jack Estuart, one of the physicians present during the incident, “that the absence of a defibrillator contributed to Marfori’s death.”

“I did my research and I found out that an AED only costs P100,000. So, I will have this proposal to have an AED in all the ambulances, government or privately owned, including those not run by the city City but by the barangays. All athletic events responders should have also on hand an AED,” she said.

“We are convinced by the specialists that it could save lives,” Villafuerte added.

She also suggested that the sports events held in our City should have an Emergency Action Plan “which can prevent such as tragedy as what occurred recently.”

Part of the said Action Plan from the organizers will require the presence of Central 911 or trained Emergency Responders accredited by Central 911 present in the event.

Also, Villafuerte recommended for the organizers to be strict in gathering proof of Good good Health health and fitness from a licensed Physician physician for an athlete to qualify for the event.

“We must adopt all measures to prevent a tragedy like what occurred in the Kadayawan Triathlon from occurring again,” Villafuerte said.

The proposal is now passed on the first reading. (

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