DAVAO CITY, Philippines — When love is in the air, it’ is also time for others to earn a living,

Two elementary boys, Colt, and Ian, both seven years old, are the opposite of children their age as they choose to sell heart balloons than spend their afternoon playing or watching television at home.

They are classmates and best of friends, both sons of flower vendors in the city. They both do not know what love is and why people celebrate Valentine’s Day.

“I don’t know what love is because I am still young. I think it is two people being together,” Colt said while smiling.

Colt has 15 balloons while Ian who is shorter than his friend only have ten pieces of balloons that they sell for P20.00 to P30.00 pesos each. For every balloon they sell, they have P5.00 each; that they said can help buy them a kilo of rice and for their school allowance.

Heart balloons are another symbol of love for many. It is given to their partners, sometimes accompanied by flowers or chocolates to show how they feel for their opposite during love month.

But for Colt and Ian, it is a way to support their family. In their young age, they both know that life is difficult.

Ian grew up without a father. His parents separated when he was still one year old.

Growing up Ian cannot recall if his mother even told him that she loved him. What he always hears from his mother is that he needs to study hard for his future.

“I cannot remember that she said she loves me. But my teacher said a mother is working because they love their children,” uttered Ian in a shy voice.

Ian’s mother is always busy selling flowers in Bankerohan public market and in San Pedro Street on Sundays. This is their source of income that supports his two older siblings and him who are all studying in elementary.

When asked why he is selling balloons, he just smiled and said, “To help my mama”.

Both of them still young with not much knowledge what Valentine’s Day truly means, they enjoyed the day they can simply by helping their parents earn a living for another day. (davaotoday.com)

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