Holcim developing more skilled masons in the country

Jul. 11, 2018

by Blessy Bench Salvaña, HCDC Intern

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – William Sumalinog, the Vice President of Holcim Philippines and Head of Sales said that Holcim continues to develop more skilled masons in the Philippines (Davao).

Aside from their introduction of technological advancement and innovation, Holcim has various programs for their masons.

“Our goal is not just simply developing cement but also developing skilled workers.” he added.

Holcim has a flagship corporate responsibility program called “Galing Mason Program” which started in the 1990’s, and its focus is to develop the skill of masons. They also hold Olympics for masons to uplift them in their line of work.

This Mason’s Olympics are being held not just to uplift the skills of masons but also to enhance their role in nation-building.

Sumalinog said that when children of masons are asked about their fathers, they appear embarassed to say that their father are masons.

Some masons are also ashamed of their work. Holcim’s programs are aimed at uplifting masons and improving their skills to increase their self-esteem and make them proud of their jobs.

“The reason why we are really pushing this forward is because there would be no building in the world, in general, and there would be no major construction project without masons.” Sumalinog pointed out.

He emphasized that had it not been for masons, constructions, hotels and the rest of the existing buildings would not exist. All the buildings that people see are the handiworks of these skilled individuals.

He said that this is their advocacy and this is one of the many skills that they have been trying to develop and would like to pass on to all their stakeholders. (davaotoday.com)

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