Global Education: A fast growing global trend

Oct. 05, 2015

In pursuing a dream, one must carefully plan their steps to achieve it. For most people in the country whose aspiration is a better life for themselves and their families, it has to begin with education. While others set off somewhere near, some find their compass pointing overseas. According to a study, about five million students are studying outside of their home countries, with the United States remaining to be the world’s leading destination for international students, followed by the United Kingdom, Germany, and France, which all host about half of the world’s mobile tertiary students. Australia, Canada, and New Zealand have also been gaining a greater share of international students over the last decade.

Choosing to leave home and study abroad is a huge step towards that dream job—that dream future; but it takes more than just one’s determination to see it through. Choosing a country, finding the right institution and getting in, acquiring a visa, and actually landing your destination is a journey all on its own, and it’s often not a quick and easy one. Getting to the finish line and finally reaching your dream require a lot of hard work, but getting yourself to the starting point shouldn’t be as complicated.

A world leader in international student placement services, IDP Education offers people who wish to study abroad the help that they need to be able to take the first step as stress-free as possible; from choosing the programme that best suits them, to submitting their application to their chosen university, guiding them through the visa requirements, booking their IELTS test, and helping them prepare for a life in their new country.

Today, one student is placed globally by the organization every 20 minutes. IDP’s educational expertise is truly unmatched, the services that it offers unparalleled. It takes pride in having been a partner of many individuals in achieving success for more than 45 years now, and is set on bringing more students closer to their dreams.

IDP Education is co-owned by 38 Australian universities and Seek Ltd, Australia’s leading online employment and training company. It has a network of over 100 international student placement centres, and has a global presence in more than 32 countries. For over four decades, it has been placing thousands of students into the top universities in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, and New Zealand.  IDP Education is also a proud co-owner of IELTS (International English Language Testing System), the world’s most popular high-stakes English language proficiency test, and offers it in more than 200 test locations in 50 countries.

In the Philippines, IDP Education has offices in two of its largest urban centres—Manila and Cebu, with the former offering student services and is also an IELTS Test Centre. To know more about the services they offer or to schedule an appointment with a Qualified Education Agent Counsellor, you may contact IDP Makati at +63 2 8160755 or email or IDP Cebu at +63 32 2362758 or email Follow IDP on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates, schedules, and important announcements.

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