US gives P490-million reward for Sayyaf deaths

Jun. 07, 2007

MANILA (UPDATED) — In a ceremony today on Jolo, U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines Kristie A. Kenney, Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff General Hermogenes Esperon, and numerous senior Philippine Government officials witnessed the formal payment of rewards to courageous Filipino citizens who provided key information that led to successful military operations against two notorious leaders of the terrorist Abu Sayyaf Group Khadaffi Janjalani and Abu Solaiman.

A group of Filipino citizens who provided the crucial information will share the U.S. Government-provided rewards - a total of 490 million pesos (US$10 million). Four Filipinos formally received their share of the rewards today in the ceremony in Jolo.

Both Khadaffi Janjalani and Abu Solaiman were the highest ranking leaders of the Abu Sayyaf Group, responsible for the kidnappings and deaths of Filipino and American citizens. Janjalani was killed during a battle with Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in October 2006, while Abu Solaiman was killed in similar circumstances by the AFP in January 2007. Information provided by the brave Filipino citizens recognized today was instrumental in assisting the AFP to track down and locate these two terrorist leaders.

The rewards were provided through the U.S. Department of States Bureau of Diplomatic Securitys Rewards for Justice program, which provides cash rewards for information leading to the arrest of terrorists involved in acts against U.S. citizens.

The reward payment on June 7 is the largest Rewards for Justice payment in the Philippines since the program began in 2002.

Numerous terrorists remain in the Rewards for Justice program, including Jemaah Islamiyah members Dulmatin (up to $10 million reward), Umar Patek (up to $1 million reward, and Zulkifli bin Hir (also known as Marwan – up to $5 million reward). In addition, the U.S. Department of Treasury has added Dulmatin and Marwan to the Office of Foreign Asset Control List, which prohibits individuals and corporations from providing financial or material support to designated individuals.

For more information on the Rewards for Justice program, visit the Internet at (US Embassy) (

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