Suara Bangsamoro condemns bombing in Cotabato City, grieves with families of victims

Jul. 04, 2009

DAVAO CITY — Suara Bangsamoro condemns yesterday’s bombing of a Cotabato City cathedral and grieves with the families and friends of those who died and were hurt in the incident.

Amirah Ali Lidasan of Suara Bangsamoro criticized the military for using the Jeemayat Islamiya scare which only gave an excuse for the US government and soldiers to intervene in the investigation of the bombing incident.

Lidasan cautions military officials from quickly blaming the Moro Islamic Liberation Front or any Muslim organization as the ones responsible for the bombing, saying this will only lead to further discrimination towards Muslims and will affect the peace efforts by organizations and individuals.

Lidasan believes that the Moro people in Cotabato City look to Bishop Orlando Quevedo as partner in finding peace in Mindanao. She also expressed belief that every Muslim who fears Allah knows that an attack on civilians and Christians in places of worship is not allowable in Islam.

Lidasan also hopes that the military will stop sowing fear by spreading rumors that more bombings will occur. She calls for an immediate independent investigation to the series of bombing incidents that rocked Mindanao and Manila for the past weeks, an investigation similar to the Mindanao Truth Commission that investigated the mysterious bombings that happened in Mindanao on 2003.

Lidasan believes that this can help shed light to public speculations that the bombings are part of a military plan dubbed as Oplan August Moon which, according to former Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (Isafp) T/Sgt. Vidal Doble, consists of bomb scare tactics aimed at destabilization.

Lidasan calls for Muslims and Christians in Cotabato City to unite and prevent who use the bombing of the cathedral as basis to sow disunity and destabilization in Mindanao.

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Amirah Ali Lidasan

Suara Bangsamoro Partylist

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