Karl’s Koffee Korner

Its branch along Buhangin, inside the Shell station premises next to Ladislawa Village, is its best. The outdoor tables are under a canopy of balete trees, which can be quite relaxing in these humid days. Too, this Karl’s Koffee Korner branch is open 24 hours and it has wi-fi, courtesy of Airborne Access. It charges only 10 pesos per hour for plugging your laptop to the power outlet — compared to the 50 pesos BluGre charges (although BluGre’s wi-fi access is free while Karl’s is not; you have to buy an Airborne Access card).

Karl’s coffee, though, is nothing extraordinary. Its durian shake is quite inferior compared to BluGre’s. Plus the staff can be quite annoying with their loud and incessant chattering, particularly during the afternoon, when customers are fewer.

Food Delivery

If you work or live in the United States or elsewhere and, one fine day, you suddenly missed your family or friends in Davao City and wondered how you can express that longing and love aside from the usual call or Internet chat — wonder no more. The “Wow Davao Food Delivery Service” can facilitate the delivery of your loved ones’ favorite food right at their doorstep in Davao City. All you have to do is order online. This is a simple yet helpful service from The Wow Group of Companies, which includes Wow Davao.

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