Psych tests for DHs: stupid, absurd, says MIGRANTE

Jun. 03, 2008

The government’s plan to make all United Arab Emirates ‘ (UAE) bound domestic workers undergo a rigid psychological test drew heavy flak from the largest overseas Filipino workers’ alliance, MIGRANTE International.

Philippine authorities in the UAE led by Philippine Consul General to Dubai Benito Valeriano was recently quoted in the Khaleej Times that they are actually pushing for the measure to determine whether an applicant cannot withstand work and has the tendency to break down emotionally and psychologically.

MIGRANTE chairperson Connie Bragas-Regalado said this measure is stupid and only reveals how our

embassy officials are utterly detached from the harsh realities faced daily by our migrant workers on the


Veleriano and his clueless ilk should wake up to the reality that domestic workers snap and are

driven to the brink of insanity because they are subjected to the most degrading and inhuman treatment,

such as physical and mental abuse, rape, non-payment of wages and torture, she said. They also face

the reality that Philippine embassy officials will not lift a finger to help them. Now, who will not be driven to insanity under these circumstances?

Regalado added that the planned psych test is another scheme of the government to exact more

funds from the OFWs in the form of examination fees.

Not content with the billions of remittances that are saving the economy, government continues to churn

up measures that are bleeding migrant Filipinos dry, Regalado stated.

If Valeriano truly believes in alleviating the lot of our bagong bayanis (modern heroes), for starters, he should instead propose measures that would scrap the exorbitant fees and charges it imposes on OFWs, Regalado pointed out OFWs are already burdened by numerous charges and fees imposed by the government.

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