Port Workers picket vs non implementation of CBA provisions

Jul. 13, 2009

DAVAO CITY — Around 50 workers picketed in front of Filipinas Port Services Inc. to condemn the management of Filport Inc. and its cases of violation of workers’ rights.

Alex Tuazon, President of Nagkahiusang Mamumuo sa Filport (Namafil) said they have already inked five collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) with Filport managementin the last 20 years. “But to our dismay, the company has failed to implement the provisions of the last CBA.”

Violations include deduction of meal allowance, no overtime pay, no refund to worker’s illegal deductions, under release of uniform (one shirt instead of five), no release of safety shoes, and reneging on agreement to construct and provide for union office. According to Tuazon, what was worse was that Filport management ignored these complaints formally lodged to them in a letter sent by the union.

“The cases being reported by the workers of the Filipinas Port were gross violations to workers right stipulated in the Labor code. The non implementation of CBA provisions should be given urgent action by the management, ” said Arman Blas, KMU Spokesperson.

Blase said that they will continue with their protest actions until the management yields to their demands. “Our experience has taught us that the best venue to press for our demands is through concerted actions like pickets and other forms of protest. We vow to exhaust these means because the survival of the workers is at stake.”

For reference:

Arman Blas, mobile number 0907-8251536

Spokesperson, KMU SMR

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